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1499 years ago roughly in this period (the Lent), Hypatia of Alexandria, philosopher of the neoplatonic school was stripped naked and stoned to death by a mob of christian fanatics for daring to teach to men, for being a pagan, and for spreading a knowledge that was not the one they believed in. These religious fanatics were an instrument in the hands of bishop Cyril, who during his office tried to seize the power over the city and wrestle it from the Imperial Prefect Orestes. In order to do so, he encouraged his most fanatic followers, including the parabalans, into an escalation of religious riots against non-christians, resulting in the banishing of all the Jews from the city as their houses were plundered and their riches confiscated.

Hypatia, who had been teacher of Prefect Orestes, was a victim of this escalation of intolerance. She had always preached the freedom of thought, taught sciences and was admired for her wisdom by all but the jealous Cyril and his followers who could not tolerate her friendship with Prefect Orestes.

Cyril has been made saint by the church. Not enough time ago, pope Ratzinger praised him as a "guardian of the true faith"… (one might, maybe should cringe at the idea of a german pope praising a man who oppressed the Jews).

Hypatia is my personal hero. And she is twice a hero because she was a scientist woman who stood for what she believed in, a message of tolerance and love for knowledge, against  a world that shunned women, treated them like objects, and could not tolerate that they had as much say or as much knowledge as men did. The letter of so-called saint Paul to Tymothy says: "A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet." Today, this passage is still part of the new testament.
1500 years after the murder of one of the most admirable persons in history, there is still much to do to undo the damage that religious intolerance did to the world.

Remember Hypatia of Alexandria.


Tazio Bettin
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Current Residence: Padova (where Galileo Galilei studied the stars)

I am a freelancer illustrator and comic artist.
I have done freelance illustrations for White Wolf Game Studios, Evil Hat Games, Third Eye Games, Bully Pulpit Games, Prince of Darkness Games, Berengad Games, VBarisonDesign,
I have drawn comic pages for Zenescope Entertainment, Crazy Camper, Dayjob Studios, Top Cow (test pages) and Marvel (test pages), as well as graphic design works for several commissioners amongst which the photographic club La Barchessa of Limena (PD), Idroesse Engineering and AICTEA, Italian Tea Culture Association.

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JaeDub003 Mar 2, 2014  Student General Artist
So glad I stumbled into your artwork. You are grand in prowess, like some of the "unique" details you have in your artwork.  Pleasure to watch your work
TazioBettin Mar 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, the pleasure is all mine!
neesema Feb 15, 2014  New member
Hi ! First I have to say that I love your works ! Very interesting style and the general tabletop rpg subject only make it better.
Do you have a waiting list for commission, or perhaps an email to contact you about them ?
TazioBettin Feb 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! Thank you very much for the kind comment.
At the moment I am very swamped with work unfortunately, but when I become available again in the future, I will surely post an announcement so please stay tuned if you would like :)
Jebriodo Feb 1, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
 Here is your Tag and your questions:
The idea here is to be descriptive and creative. I suggest answering them in order, and letting things develop from one question to the next.

    1.      You decide to go on a journey. You will travel overland. How will you travel?

    2.      As you travel, you enter a different sort of countryside. What sort of country is it?

    3.      After traveling through this country for a while you come to a body of water. What is it like?

    4.      Your journey will take you across the water. What method will you use to cross it?

    5.      On the far side of the water is a wilderness. What is the wilderness like?

    6.      There is a way through the wilderness. What is it like and how do you travel on it?

    7.      At the end of the journey you come to a house. What sort of house is it and how is it different from the ones you are familiar with?

    8.      You enter the house. What is it like inside? What sort of things are in it?

    9.      The inhabitant of the house is there. What are they like?

    10.   You are invited to eat. What sorts of food and drink are served?

    11.   After the meal, your host tells you something you have traveled all this way to learn. What do they tell you?


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