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Look at her!
Chibi: Bellerefo by saniika
No seriously, how awesome, cute and adorable is she in this picture?
:iconsaniika: is just so awesome.
Look at that picture and I double dare you not to fall in love with how she drew my Bellerefo OC.
In this day dedicated to women, there is a special (to me) cathegory I'd like to celebrate, and that's those great women who enriched and deepened our understanding of the universe we live in, but are often forgotten only because they were women.
History is never kind to women, but few women made a difference in the enrichment of our culture like these did:

Annie Jump Cannon (December 11, 1863 – April 13, 1941) was an American astronomer whose cataloging work was instrumental in the development of contemporary stellar classification.

Rosalind Elsie Franklin (25 July 1920 – 16 April 1958) made us discover that DNA plays a central role in biology, as it carries the genetic information that is passed from parents to their offsprings (instead of proteins, as others thought at the time), as well as being the first to figure out the double helix structure of DNA.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell (born 15 July 1943) discovered Pulsars.

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852) was the world's first computer programmer (her notes on Babbage's analytical engine include what is recognised as the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine.

Katherine Johnson (born August 26, 1918) is the space scientist and mathematician for NASA who calculated the flight trajectory for the first American in space.

Lise Meitner (1878 – 1968) calculated the energy released when uranium atoms are split when bombarded with neutrons, and named the phenomenon “nuclear fission.” Her colleague Hahn received a Nobel prize for their research. She, who did the bulk of the work, was forgotten.

Dorothy Hodgkin (1910 – 1994) discovered the three-dimensional structure of molecules through the use of x-rays.

Cecilia Payne (1900–1979) discovered what stars are made of.

Nettie Stevens (1862–1912) is the one who discovered that our sex is determined by our 23rd pair of chromosomes, the X and Y.

There are so many women whose contribution to science was silenced, whose work was stolen by their male colleagues, or whose work went unrecognized despite having been groundbreaking. Listing them all would be too long. These are some of the most egregious examples of people who enriched us so much, but who didn't get that recognition and fame they deserve.
In this day of the year, when we celebrate women, these are the women I like to celebrate first and foremost.
And the one I love, but that is personal :P
Since last year's second half I've been enjoying doing several art trades with great artists. It's been great fun, both to try to imagine their original characters in my style, and especially to see them interpreting my character designs through their styles. Here I'd like to showcase the renditions they did of my Bellerefo Legeriwin wizard character (…).
They're all so amazing! Please check them out!

Bellerefo by sykosan by :iconsykosan:  Bellerefo Sketch by Kassarie by :iconkassarie: Art Trade with TazioBettin by Lelia by :iconlelia: Artist showcase: Tazio Bettin by saniika by :iconsaniika: Bellerefo Legeriwin art trade by JouniKaltti by :iconjounikaltti: A Christmas Present by Kittysan101 and Meditation by Kittysan101 by :iconkittysan101: Dirk and Bellerefo by SOLIDToM by :iconsolidtom: Bellerefo Legeriwin by lecompot by :iconlecompot:  Art Trade: Bellerefo by Durandus by :icondurandus: Bellerefo is a Badass - Lines by Eeren by :iconeeren:

These pictures come from France, the U.S.A., Spain, Slovakia, Finland, England, Italy, and Poland. Wow! It's even more awesome if you think of how many nationalities this art trade project managed to include!
It's too bad it only includes two continents but hopefully I'll be able to expand (I'm especially curious to meet people from Africa and Australia... never had any friends or acquaintances from those two continents). Yeah, forgive my megalomania :D

Ladies and gentlemen who participated, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
So lately I've been taking care of a primrose in a small vase. It's looking pretty good with its full yellow and orange flowers. I guess I'm doing it because I want to prove to myself that I can take care of a living being. Plus plants are relaxing. However, I cannot for the love of the gods remember what plant it is. I always get its name mixed. I just had to check again that it is a primrose, but since I know absolutely nothing of flowers (safe for the most common and obvious ones), I end up calling it a peony, pansy, poppy, petunia or even a periwinkle. So this is turning into a form of psychological experiment.
I'm going to check if by calling it with all the wrong names I manage to cause an identity crisis in that flower. Because science. Stay tuned, I'll let you know.
One of the beloved actors and characters of my childhood left us today at the venerable age of 83. Indeed it can be said that he lived long and left a prosperous legacy.
Thank you for making me dream.
This is a game I would love to see funded. The publisher has a history for great projects both in boardgames and roleplaying games, and Don't Turn Your Back is an immensely promising one. So go check it out!…
Last year I bought a coffee cup set with DC's superhero logos on them. It's four cups that are perfect for moka cofee as far as size goes. Not too small, and not those enormous flagon-sized coffee mugs that Americans use. Wait, here they are:…

So I have this little ritual of mine. Since the Batman cup is rarely used, and usually it's for guests, and the Flash cup is used by my mother (and it's now chipped on one edge, damnit), there's two left, Superman and the Green Lantern, my favorite superheroes, and I use them alternately.
When the day starts, I check how I feel. If I need determination and willpower to get to the pages because I am in that unpleasant mood where I cannot find the right start, I use the Green Lantern cup. That's because that hero's power originates from willpower, and sipping coffee from that cup creates a symbolic connection with the concept of tapping one's willpower, so to speak. If I have the right will and just need to stay focused and grind my way through panels, I drink from the Superman cup. He's superstrong, superfast, represents the energy I need.

So there you go, this is one of my little daily rituals. I wonder if others have such rituals too..
26 June 1908 – 11 September 1973

Like every year, here comes my commemoration of my personal hero.
For more, see my same post last year…
It has been out for roughly a week but we're already getting some really encouraging response.
Here's a new review courtesy of I Reads You - a CBB Blog!…
If you haven't bought Sally of the Wasteland by Victor Gischler and yours truly, please take the time to read this review and consider supporting our project!
It is almost time. Courtesy of Titan Comics, this year's San Diego Comic Con is going to host the release of my first comic project: Sally of the Wasteland, an irreverent B-movie style post-apocalypse tale set in Southern Louisiana, written by Victor Gischler (Deadpool, X-Men, The Shadow, Buffy), penciled, inked and colored by yours truly. 
It's chock full of wisecracks, awesome horror and post-apocalypse tropes, and mutant monsters.

You can preview the first issue here:… or here:…

The first issue of five features a variant cover courtesy of Tim Seeley.

This comic comes out in July, so there's still plenty of time to harass your local comic shop into ordering you a copy!
You would of course have my deepest gratitude and appreciation.
To any of you who were in my contact list on Anobii, I have deactivated my account there and transferred my library to Goodreads.
Anobii was way too painfully slow and annoying, full of bugs, and plain boring, whereas Goodreads is much better organized, works smoothly and is more of a community. So there you go. My Goodreads page is here:
Add me and let's share our shelves and talk about books and such!
Since I hear it's a rather delicate topic, here's a site that answers authoritatively the question above:
1499 years ago roughly in this period (the Lent), Hypatia of Alexandria, philosopher of the neoplatonic school was stripped naked and stoned to death by a mob of christian fanatics for daring to teach to men, for being a pagan, and for spreading a knowledge that was not the one they believed in. These religious fanatics were an instrument in the hands of bishop Cyril, who during his office tried to seize the power over the city and wrestle it from the Imperial Prefect Orestes. In order to do so, he encouraged his most fanatic followers, including the parabalans, into an escalation of religious riots against non-christians, resulting in the banishing of all the Jews from the city as their houses were plundered and their riches confiscated.

Hypatia, who had been teacher of Prefect Orestes, was a victim of this escalation of intolerance. She had always preached the freedom of thought, taught sciences and was admired for her wisdom by all but the jealous Cyril and his followers who could not tolerate her friendship with Prefect Orestes.

Cyril has been made saint by the church. Not enough time ago, pope Ratzinger praised him as a "guardian of the true faith"… (one might, maybe should cringe at the idea of a german pope praising a man who oppressed the Jews).

Hypatia is my personal hero. And she is twice a hero because she was a scientist woman who stood for what she believed in, a message of tolerance and love for knowledge, against  a world that shunned women, treated them like objects, and could not tolerate that they had as much say or as much knowledge as men did. The letter of so-called saint Paul to Tymothy says: "A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet." Today, this passage is still part of the new testament.
1500 years after the murder of one of the most admirable persons in history, there is still much to do to undo the damage that religious intolerance did to the world.

Remember Hypatia of Alexandria.
wheee! thanks to my dear friend :iconjebriodo: I have been tagged! And now I have questions to reply to!
So here's Jed's questions and below my answers

 Here is your Tag and your questions:
The idea here is to be descriptive and creative. I suggest answering them in order, and letting things develop from one question to the next.

    1.      You decide to go on a journey. You will travel overland. How will you travel?


Considering that what I consider a journey usually involves getting at least as far as the other side of the planet, I doubt I could do without an airplane. The journey usually starts when I reach the destination and begin exploring it.

    2.      As you travel, you enter a different sort of countryside. What sort of country is it?

I'm picturing icelandic landscapes with rich black soil and emerald green grass, rainbows and aurora borealis at night.

    3.      After traveling through this country for a while you come to a body of water. What is it like?

I would suppose it's hot springs due to the high volcanic activity in the island.

    4.      Your journey will take you across the water. What method will you use to cross it?

Uhm. Water, open countryside, nobody around. Heck if the water is not too cold nor too hot, I'd love to swim through.

    5.      On the far side of the water is a wilderness. What is the wilderness like?

Like this:…

    6.      There is a way through the wilderness. What is it like and how do you travel on it?

It's a natural path between corrugated hills. It may not take me anywhere specific but I'd follow it just to see where it takes me. My pattern recognition identified it as a path, and since I'm crossing open country, there's no reason not to follow it.

    7.      At the end of the journey you come to a house. What sort of house is it and how is it different from the ones you are familiar with?

It's like a cottage or cabin, and it's strange because it has grass on the roof. It looks like it was built in the side of a hill, although it's all artificial. It's done that way in order to keep the warm in. The rest is made mainly of stone and wood, apparently, although in the inside it's very modern.

    8.      You enter the house. What is it like inside? What sort of things are in it?

The dominant color is white. All the furniture is made of a very clear colored wood. Although the design is modern, there is a wide use of natural materials, wood being predominant. It's full of books and this makes me feel very much at home.

    9.      The inhabitant of the house is there. What are they like?

It's a couple. They like to live in a somewhat remote area.

    10.   You are invited to eat. What sorts of food and drink are served?

They're nice enough not to dare me to try hákarl, thankfully. Of the drinks, I only drink water or tea so the rest doesn't seem relevant. As far as food goes, I am not familiar with icelandic cuisine, but I suppose it will involve fish and dill in significant quantity, which I simply adore. But all this is rather secondary to being their guest: it makes any food taste better and I'd eat anything they offer with gratitude.

    11.   After the meal, your host tells you something you have traveled all this way to learn. What do they tell you?


Kidding aside, they don't tell me anything specific, but by merely being nice and welcoming, they reminded me how important it is to make people not feel like they're strangers or foreigners to a place. A welcoming place is not one who treats you like an outsider, however politely and un-threateningly they may do that. Japan always treats you like an outsider. With all politeness and courtesy, but you'll always be an alien. When I went to NY I felt the exact opposite. That's the good thing we should learn. How to be more cosmopolites.

Since I wasn't told to tag anybody, I won't tag, and the game ends here =P
Writers wanted over at Evil Hat Studios!
Are you a writer? Do you write RPG stuff (systems, sourcebooks)?
Are you even just remotely familiar with the F.A.T.E. system used by Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files and Diaspora?
Go here… (it's a google plus page)
A VERY interesting video regarding a big problem that Facebook has, and the reason why content creators are leaving that site and migrating to Google.
If you are a content creator (writer, artist, blogger, anything), you may find this very interesting.
Did you know that on Facebook you have to pay in order for your posted to appear in more peoples' newsfeeds, otherwise only a few people will ever know you wrote them?
Yes, more and more that is their model: you have to pay if you want to reach more people with your contents.

Learn the hows and whys in this very enlightening video.…
I am so excited! Courtesy of :iconwells45: I was able to participate to this event, which I did with immense pleasure as you can expect!

(if you don't recognize it, my art is featured in the first, third and fifth photo)
I'm not afraid of opening some cans of worms, so let me voice my opinion on something that happened recently that really infuriated me.

Caterina Simonsen is a 25 years old girl from my very city, Padova. She has four rare diseases (primary immunodeficiency, a deficit in C and S vitamins, a deficit in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin, a pathology of the phrenic nerves that causes paralysis in the diaphragm) and a more common, benign tumor of the pituitary gland. She is alive thanks to medicines that have been achieved through animal experimentation.
Details are available unfortunately only in Italian as far as I could find on the net, but suffice say that if you google her name you'll see that she has to live with a breather constantly on.
On facebook, she explained her situation and just said "i'm alive thanks to animal experimentation". In few hours more than three hundreds of people covered her in insults and wished her to die.
She replied with two videos (available on youtube but again, in Italian) where she explains the medicines she has to take and her life. Not as an appeal to emotions, but to show what her life is like.……
She adds an invitation to ex parliament member Michela Brambilla (who in recent times fomented an illegal break in into an animal experimentation facility, which was subsequently closed) and the european animalist party to fight the use of animals where not fundamental for human existence (she listed hunting, slaughtering and use for fur clothing). She added that instead of raising so much ado and obstacling the work of researchers, they could raise funds and invest in the pursuit of an alternative, equally valid method to animal experimentation. She also asked them to take a stance against the people who wish death to her because of what she previously said. For the record and just to make things clear, Caterina is vegan and has to integrate iron because her diet is too low on it, as she says in the first of the two videos.
Michela Brambilla and the aforementioned party did not give any reply.

I don't like animal rights activists. Amongst other reasons, they use ignorance and appeal to the emotional, rather than the rational side of people, to further their cause. Look at PETA's shock advertisings where they objectivize the female naked body for the sake of catching audience by feeding controversies into the media. It's cheap and ridiculous.
But mainly, animal rights movements and their adherents like to mix things up equalling animal experimentation with vivisection (they are not the same thing, check wikipedia or a dictionary and see the differences) and with the treatment of cattle, the "horrors of slaughterhouses" etc. thus committing an enormous logical fallacy, because these are completely unrelated things.
Another common behaviour I've witnessed amongst animal rights supporter is a complete disregard for the human condition in favor of that of animals. It's not uncommon to hear animalists claim that they'd rather save their dog's life than a human being's.

I am completely disgusted, to say the least. So next time some of these ignorant fucks blathers about stopping animal testing, I'd like them to remember that not only people like Caterina depends with their lives on medicines that are tested on animals for their efficacy, but even common antibiotics and pharmaceuticals used in veterinary medicines are tested on animals. And that no, despite what you love to picture in your sick, misinformed minds, testing doesn't involve crazed psycho scientists that drool and have repeated orgasms while torturing poor innocent immaculate puppies. It involves making sure that those medicines are effective and safe for use. It's not done to satisfy sadists, it's done to further science and save lives. And if you think that the life of a ferret or dog is more valuable than that of a person, then no amount of sensible reasoning will save you from your maddened stupidity, so this whole journal entry is not for you.

I'll leave you with this video about the hypocrisy of these animal activists.…
Hi. I need some money to buy christmas gifts. And so I'd like to offer my service for commissions.
I can take three commissions at this time (time being a little limited lately, as I'm still working on my Titan project Sally of the Wasteland with writer Victor Gischler). Please write here below to book your slot.

Commissions accepted for: full figure or bust, with abstract/minimal background. Due to work with comics I may be slow, but I'll try my best not to make you wait too long.

Rates for full figure portraits are $60 for a black and white lineart picture and $80 for a colored one. Subtract 10$ if instead you want a bust portrait.
My only limitations are that I can only draw original characters and that I'd rather not draw furry art. And no pornographic contents.

This is how I work.
Upon receiving your description and an email address to which I can write, I'll send you a pencil sketch for approval. Then if needed I'll apply any corrections you require. After I have your approvation of the sketch, I'll ask you to kindly send me the payment via paypal and ink (and eventually color) the artwork.
I'll upload a tiff file at 300dpi (unless specified otherwise) and send you the download link.

Thank you for your kind attention!

Slot 1- :iconflackthejack:
Slot 2-
Slot 3-
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DISCLAIMER: last year when I decided to commemorate this, I received quite some flame because I wasn't commemorating the two towers, and instead something else. I'm not american, so although I feel sorrow for the death and loss that marked that day for the USA, I don't feel the urge to commemorate it. There are many September 11. I choose to commemorate the death of whom I see as a personal hero. Please be a civilized person and respect that.

Exactly fourty years ago today Salvador Allende died in mysterious circumstances after the military coup sponsored by the United States of America had put an end to democracy and freedom in Chile, thus starting a dark age of dictatorship, repression, and the well known phenomenon of the desaparecidos, the people who were made disappear by the dictatorship. An approximate estimation suggests that some 40'000 people were made disappear by the military dictatorial government, and over 600'000 were imprisoned and tortured.
Before that, Chile had been benefiting from one of the brightest periods of its history.

During his government, Salvador Allende worked mainly to diminish the poverty of his people, and promote alphabetization, culture and art. Under his lead, social spending was dramatically increased, particularly for housing, education, and health, while a major effort was made to redistribute wealth to poorer Chileans and several industries were nationalized. To improve social and economic conditions for women, the Women's Secretariat was established in 1971, which took on issues such as public laundry facilities, public food programs, day-care centers, and women's health care (especially prenatal care). Under his presidency, Chile was a country where women did not have to choose between having children or having a career, thanks to the maternal leave extended to 12 months.
Allende started an agrarian reform and promoted alphabetization, putting a huge budget on schools and universities. He also promoted democratic rights fighting the traditional hierarchical structures that were present in Chile in the name of socialist egalitarianism. He promoted arts, because he dreamed of a cultural renaissance of his country.
But it was the time of the Cold War, and even if he had been democratically elected and he was successfully creating a socialist democracy through democratic means and not through a dictatorship (unlike Cuba), USA could not permit a country to become what they could label as communist. Helped by Nixon and Kissinger, Augusto Pinochet took over and established a fascist dictatorship that oppressed Chile for 17 years, until 1990.

To those who love freedom, democracy, culture, Salvador Allende will always be a beacon of light and will not be forgotten.
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  • Reading: Stephen Hawking&#039;s A Brief History of Time
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